Packaging Done Right? We've mastered the art.

We market and sell packaging products for e-commerce, sanitary, and retail requirements, and have been in the industry for over 30 years.

Our sister manufacturing company Finnpack is a fully fledged converter of film products.


  • Films & Rollforms
  • Bag Making
  • Biodgradable Packaging

For over 30 years we have been producing packaging solutions based on plastic films. In addition to Sri Lankan buyers, we've been producing for European, Japanese and American customers too. From retail high-street fashion stores, e-commerce needs, to specific industrial requirements, we have experienced a range of requirements. Good chance, we can meet your needs too!

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E-commerce bags, Mail bags, Courier bags

We provide highly secure, permanent instant adhesion with our mailing bags. Degradable and non-degradable mailers with hot-melt adhesives or security strips. With reinforced handles and double glue strips for bags that can be returned to sender. The hot-melt adhesives that we use are tested in the USA and Europe to perform under seasonal weather conditions.

Retail bags

Strong bags with and without handles and crystal clear PP bags. These can be made of virgin and recycled materials. All our bags can have hanging holes, tear-off lines and safety perforations if required.

Garbage bags

Strong virgin and recycled bags made of partly environmentally sustainable materials and when necessary biodegradable materials. These can be packed for retail sale, in bulk, or on the roll with perforated tear-off lines. We supply a range of standard sizes, carrying our own brands as well as custom

Construction and protection films

Sheets, tubes and reels for various purposes from heavy gauge to light and thin sheets for anything your heart desires.

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